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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Please confirm this moth

This is a preliminary post since I've not finished exploring last night's catch, but this moth escaped from the trap this morning and I've not seen its like before.  The nearest I can get is the pyralid Diasemia reticularis, illustrated in Chris Manley's book (p63) but not, as far as I can see, in Sterling & Parsons.  It's down as a 'striking but scarce migrant'.  Is it conceivable that this species has reached north Carmarthenshire?

N.B. I will try to improve on the photo quality during the day


  1. FLIPPING HECK!!! That is indeed Diasemiopsis reticularis - the bend in the white bar across the hind wings separating it from the slightly less rare D ramburialis. What a corker! Please report it on to Atropos Flight Arrivals ( as there's a reasonable chance it'll be the rarest immigrant of NMN and could win you a prize.

  2. If I had false teeth (which I have n`t), I would have coughed them out!!!!!!!!! Yes, what a top record - well done Chris! I was hoping for a good migrant last night...Palpita vitrealis perhaps, but apart from a few common ones, no luck!
    It shows that (a)you do n`t have to live on the coast to get good migrants and (b) migrants have a knack of avoiding me [eg that Stephens` Gem that landed on NW Gower - right opposite me!- a few years back.
    I`ll probably do my postings, after tonight`s trap, of rather mediocre finds, tomorrow.
    Gold Medal to Mr Handoll.....unless something hot turns up in my trap tonight -but unlikely!

  3. Thanks Sam, I've done what you suggested , just added a note to say that this morning's MV catch included Diasemia reticularis, plus photo. I presume that someone keeps an eye on these postings for any unusual occurrences? Anyhow we shall see what happens. I've got a better photo than the one I posted earlier and will publish it in due course.