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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Moth Night records

Just to reiterate (also in a comment to a post below)  please email all you Moth Night records to me and I'll send them all to Butterfly Conservation/Atropos in one batch.  Use my sambbryo AOL address.  This is a one-off: I've got far too much with 2 kids, editing the British Bryophyte Atlas, and UK Liverwort Recordership to take over as VC44 moth recorder, even if I was asked :-)

Our outside light produced 26 species last night, including Flounced Rustic, Dotted Clay, Scalloped Hook-tip and Pebbled Hook-tip.

I'll be running the MV here tonight and hope to join Fay at Keepers tomorrow morning to ID any micros they catch.

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