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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Moth Night 8th-10th August

As Ian said in his last post, it's Moth Night at the end of this week - Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th August.  Please record if you possibly can.

The other really important thing is Please remember to send your records in.  The report for Moth Night 2012 included no Carms recording (I was away looking at mosses in Ireland), but I'm not sure that's because nobody recorded.  These data are presented in really good summaries in Atropos and by Butterfly Conservation, and they can't give a good picture if we don't send records in!


  1. If we already submit records do we still send in and to whom?

  2. We're slightly uncertain who to send VC44 records to full-stop, as Jon has resigned I think. Anyway, Moth Night records should be submitted on-line as a one-off to Atropos/Butterfly Conservation. Look up Moth Night 2013 on-line for details.

    I guess it might be worth us all coordinating: something I'd be happy to do if everyone wants to email me their NMN data (and yes, please type it in, even if only in Word Ian). I might even do some chivvying!