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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Last night's results

41 species recorded.  The catch was dominated by Yellow Underwings, Large (30) and Lesser Broad-bordered (11), Six-striped Rustics (12, they haven't been this common in previous years), July High-flier and Small Phoenix (10 of each).  6 Magpie Moths, 2 Ruby Tigers.  Garden Tiger Moths seem to have faded away.  Dark Marbled Carpets are appearing in all their varied and striking patterns and colours: one of this morning's could almost be mistaken for a Magpie Moth at first sight.  Pugs continue to cause difficulties - is the one in the photo a Grey Pug?  It has a very large discal spot; is it more likely to be a Golden-rod Pug?  Advice on this would be welcome.
I attach an additional photo of the pyralid Diasemia reticularis which has now been released to continue its journey to wherever.

 Diasemia reticularis
 Grey Pug?
Dark Marbled Carpet

1 comment:

  1. The alternate dark & light markings on the wing veins suggest more likely Goldenrod Pug than Grey Pug, but these are really difficult even from specimens. Did you check its antennae?