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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Last Night at Troserch


Not that many moths last night but a nice range of species including Lime-speck pug, Dusky Thorn, Feathered Gothic and these which I take to be Smoky Wave and Oblique carpet, But please correct if needed.  Also my first Painted Lady this year.


  1. The Oblique Carpet is correct - a lovely wetland moth I don't see often. I think the other one is an atypically dark Common Wave, judging by the shapes of the bands.

  2. agree it looks like a common wave - I had a very similar dark individual in the trap this morning. I've noticed that the oblique carpets I've caught often hold their wings more closed than shown in Waring + Townsend, giving a more continuous series of bands (as with yours Colin)