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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Last night at Troserch

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Hedge Rustic

Reasonable night with just over 30 species including a number of firsts for me: a Bordered Beauty, a Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing(?) and I believe a Hedge Rustic(?) and August Thorn(?)

August Thorn
Bordered Beauty


  1. Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings are LOVELY!!

  2. That was a nice catch Colin. Yes, BBYUs are lovely, so are Bordered Beauties, and August Thorns for that matter! I'm waiting for my first Hedge Rustic ...

  3. Hedge Rustics are big and obvious. Before I saw my first I wondered whether I needed to look closely at various dark-looking noctuids, but they're as chunky as a Feathered Gothic so are pretty unmistakable. I'm sure you'll catch your first soon Chris.

  4. Yes, you`re doing well Colin! I always like bordered beauties!

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