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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Friday Night

A modest catch with an actinic trap, mostly common species and no problem with wasps this time.  Worthy of note was a rather battered Scallop Shell (surely it's a little late for this species?) and a moth which I initially thought was a Northern Spinach, but on closer examination I think that it's a Chevron.  Although it's supposed to be common I've not had one of these before and I can't recall anyone else mentioning it recently, but it might be the old memory letting me down again!

 Scallop Shell
Chevron ?


  1. Looks like a chevron to me - I haven't caught any in Carms this year but had a couple at Parc Slip last week.

  2. I had a Chevron on 9th August.

  3. Thanks Vaughn & Sally. Whenever something new crops up (not so often now I'm into my 4th year of trapping here) it's nice to get some background on its frequency, location etc.

  4. Chevron is another of those not very common Common species. I see a few a year. From memory I think they're wetland moths, living on Salix, and I saw a fair few while mapping Crymlyn Bog.