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Monday, 12 August 2013

First post-NMN trapping

Last night was uneventful, a modest 28 spp with Large Yellow Underwings (18) again dominating in terms of numbers.  A single Drinker Moth - they haven't appeared here in their usual numbers yet.  Singles also of Prominents Swallow, Pebble and Iron.  The first Flounced Rustics of the year, with their Persil-white hindwings.  Referring back to previous posts contrasting this species with the Common Rustic, I also noticed this morning that the head/thorax ends of FRs were more thickset than those of the two CRs in the trap, which were thinner and more pointed.  The micro is, I suspect, Agonopterix heracliana, but can I be certain of this? - Sam, perhaps you would kindly advise.

An entry on the Atropos arrivals notice board yesterday reported that Diasemia reticularis had been caught last Wednesday on the Isle of Man.

 Flounced Rustic x2
Agonopterix sp.

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