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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Carmarthenshire Moth and Butterfly newsletter

Once again our thanks to Ian for all his hard work. The summer 2013 newsletter from the Carmarthenshire Moth and Butterfly Group is now available to download in our newsletter section. Another excellent publication. As with the other newsletters please give it a few moments to download.


  1. I share your sentiments Colin. Huge credit to Ian for putting in so much work on our behalf and coming up with such an excellent and comprehensive account of what's happened so far this year. Let's hope that the rest of the year provides more interesting stuff for the next edition.

  2. Thank you both for the nice comments. The Carms Moth & Butterfly Group is a joint venture and the newsletter reflects all our efforts. I`ve always felt that regular feedback to participating recorders is vital it`s the least we can do to recognise their efforts and also to encourage others. I`m aware of the really excellent job done by the Glamorgan Moth Recording Group over the last 15 years or so, with regular newsletters and feedback and I look forward to their book on the Moths of Glamorgan.
    As I have told most of you via an email, there is a formatting problem with the current newsletter. I gave the draft newsletter to a friend to pdf it on his computor but he made some well-intentioned changes that messed up matters elsewhere such as the title of the Pyralids of Carms appearing at the bottom of a page!....and there are others! I`ll get it sorted and re-send the newsletter out over the next week or so -my apologies!

  3. Thankyou Ian - it's a very nice update on what has turned out to be a pretty good season.

    Would it be possible to correct the caption for the Shore Wainscot photo on p5 as it currently says L-album (which folk might find muddling).

  4. Yes, thanks very much Ian - I am enjoying the blog and the newsletter; it has renewed my trapping in Carms!

  5. Agreed - another excellent publication from our hard-working Editor!