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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back in action soon.....and some garden notes

A combination of tiredness, work and a broken-down car has resulted in no moth trapping activity since last week. The car is now repaired (but needs replacement) and I hope to resume trapping, weather-permitting very soon. There are lots of small tortoiseshells and silver y`s flying around the garden this afternoon, taking advantage of various Aster, Rudbeckia, Mentha, Solidago and, perhaps especially, Eupatorium. With the latter genus, I have self-sown wild hemp agrimony Eupatorium cannabinum and the North American `Joe-Pye weed` E.purpureum (which does n`t seed itself). Both are excellent for insects and are full of bees and butterflies. The North American plant is a darker, richer purple plant than the pale purple British native, but I like both. Photographs of both are shown below.


  1. The bit of Joe-Pye weed you gave me never really took off and I think it's now probably dead. We do have Small Scabious ( not that small in cultivation!), which is very attractive to insects for a very extended period - self-seeds freely and I have plenty spare plants next time I see you

  2. Barry - you `re welcome to have another rooted section....but only if you do some more mothing this year in Carmarthenshire!!! Better still, bring Chris Manley with you!
    I`m sure that you two will find `goodies` [and it`ll be nice to have some cracking photos to improve on my dire standard!].