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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Another Wet night

I left the small actinic trap on the veranda of the chalet last night and feared the worst when I heard the rain during the night, but needn't have worried, the trap kept reasonably dry and 25 species were recorded this morning.  New for the year were Yellow Shell, Pale Mottled Willow, and two micros which I have down as Ypsolopha dentella (Honeysuckle Moth) and Carcina quercana.  Most abundant were Large Yellow Underwing and Small Phoenix (five of each).  Also of note a Rush Veneer, and I saw several Silver Ys on the buddleia yesterday although there were none in the trap.

 Carcina quercana
Ypsolopha dentella


  1. Both micros correct. Ypsolopha is a wonderful genus!

    1. Yes Sam, they were both quite striking moths. The fact that C. quercana is on the front cover of Sterling & Parsons was not lost on me - albeit that their illustration is much more exotic-looking than mine! I am trying to put a little more effort into recording the more distinctive micros, but to be honest I still find that macros are challenging enough, and when there's a reasonable catch I don't have sufficient reserves of time and energy to deal with the likes of the Crambidae!

  2. I caught about an inch of water in the plastic base of my MV trap last night! The moths - the usual seasonal selection - were fine, as was the MV bulb which is covered by a very large plate. It was n`t supposed to rain in Llanelli until about 7.00am [ie plenty of time to check trap at 5- 6.00am, and back to bed], but it `monsooned` from about 3.00am!