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Saturday, 24 August 2013

An Error!

When I posted an earlier blog (On the Bog!) about trapping last Tuesday in the Tumble-Llwyn teg area I , in my tired confusion, included a photo of a true lover`s-knot with that note, referring to that photo as a heath rustic. Obviously, there is no difficulty in seperating these two species in identification terms, the silly oversight being down to a combination of tiredness and lax procedures - so my apologies to all (and thanks to Barry Stewart for spotting this blunder). I have now removed the incorrect photo from that blog.
The next day, of course, the heath rustic that I had caught that night was hiding, still in the trap, after I had put it with the egg cartons, hastily back inside the trap and only for it to turn up within my next night`s Pembrey trap (with me quickly taking the photo of the wrong moth!). The photo of the Llwyn teg heath rustic is, as previously explained, therefore with the existing Pembrey blog.
I consequently thought it wise -after three nights of poor sleep and subsequent very early starts (and compounded by a tiring, sodden visit to Cors Goch yesterday) not to trap last night....and I slept like a log too! I may even have had dreams of Portland moths galore! However, there were some `twinges` yesterday evening, as it looked like a good mothing night, but I resisted. I`m sure that some of you will have trapped.

I WILL be catching up with my gardening chores today, with the only lepidoptera for me being visiting butterflies nectaring at flowers specially grown to welcome them, such as the small tortoiseshell shown above. I look forward to re-starting trapping early next week, work and weather permitting.

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  1. considering the amount of trapping you are doing I'm sure the moth group will overlook this mix up. Try not to get tied up in knots again though...