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Thursday, 1 August 2013

A few common migrants

The rain started here at 11:30 so I only had a short trapping session.  This produced ca80 species, including more than 30 micros.  5 Silver Y, 1 Dark Sword-grass and 1 Plutella xylostella were the only migrants.

It was a night for wanderers and small micros, with 3 Acentria ephemerella (Water Veneer), various Caloptilia & Phyllonorycter, and 4 snout-types - Snout, Pinion-streaked Snout, Beautiful Snout and Marsh Oblique-barred.  Also 2 Small Rufous and 6 Bactra lancealana, suggesting wetland species were on the move.  New for Cnwc were Crambus perlella, Clepsis consimilana and Epinotia nisella.

Antler was the commonest species, with 30+ individuals, followed by Buff Arches, with 20+.

Bea woke me at 03:00 and 05:30 and we've all been up since 06:00, so rather wishing I hadn't stayed up late!

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