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Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Cautionary Tale

Had three traps running last night (21/8/13), all actinics. The Pwll home trap had plenty of moths, but just the usual boring seasonal selection. The two other traps were at Pembrey Burrows, one on the southern dunes (in SS49) and the other on the northern dunes (SN40). The battery in the southern trap packed in (it`s being playing up for the last few traps), so will have to try to buy a new one this afternoon.
The northern trap had a good `crop` of certain species such as lime-speck pugs, which mostly adorned the outside of the trap and a few purple bars (see pic below), but noctuids were in short supply. There was one though, which caught my eye, looking like a big, more ornate flame shoulder (but obviously not that). `Interesting`, I thought, though my early dawn brain, like the failed battery, was very low on resources- that`s what mothing does to you!.
Taking the moth home, my imagination got hold before I settled on white-line dart, which is very variable and which occurs at Pembrey....but it still looked wrong. But the penny eventually dropped - it was a heath rustic that was probably hiding from the previous night`s bogland trap. It is a better-marked individual than the one in my previous blog. The last photo below shows the saltmarsh at Pembrey underwater, which only happens at the equinoctal tides.
Painted lady butterflies in the garden at Pwll for the last two days.


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