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Friday, 2 August 2013

5 x 4 at Pwll.....

The 5 x 4 in the title refers to the five four-spotted footmen that turned up in the home traps last night (1st Aug). They were all males but I`m not sure whether they are migrants or local residents, as I get this species regularly and annually in late summer at Pwll. On the Atropos website, under the summaries of migrants etc, it has been suggested that they may be migrants....I`m not sure. The photo below shows three of them, with a buff footman for size comparison.
Both traps had lots of moths, with the the MV (which I left out overnight with a big plate as a rain shield, though we only had a very little fine drizzle) attracting more moths - but they were outside the trap, whereas the moths were mostly inside the actinic. I am absolutely sure that I miss very many moths with the MV - you really have to hang around your MV to see what comes and goes, whereas I`m tucked up in bed!....though you do have to get up very early before the birds.
A white-line dart was of interest (see photo) and the first of the season`s copper underwings turned up - this one is a Svensson`s. A good i/d trick is to look at the palps `head-on` at the front of the head. In Svensson`s they are distinctly white-tipped, with the rest of the palp being brownish. With the other copper underwing, there is white freckling going up much of palp ie there is no contrast....this i/d advice came from the mothing magazine Atropos. I`m afraid my photos is just a general body shot of Svensson`s.
Will probably trap again tonight, before the weather becomes more unsettled.

Finally, just a photo of a nicely-marked lesser broad-bordered yellow underwing (what a mouthful!)

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  1. Ian, there is a resident population of FSF at Whiteford, so I suspect yours are resident too. Still nice to catch a bunch of them.