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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tyrwaun Pwll etc

Forgot to mention....silver y`s were at the two Burry Port sites trapped on Friday night (19.7.13) there is some migrant activity; I also had a gold spangle (see first photo) at the Dyfatty Marsh site (copying Sam!).
Last night at Tyrwaun, there was nothing exciting....plenty of moths (including a silver y here too). Two photos below of a couple of attractive but frequent moths - a rosy footman and a grey/dark dagger.


  1. Forgot to say (again!)...chevron and small rivulet in the Tyrwaun home trap.
    ....Have a look at the Glamorgan moth blog site....loads of great moths, especially from Gower.
    Gower used to be part of Carms until the Middle Ages when it was grabbed by the local Anglo-Norman lord (the boundary went through Crymlyn Bog down to Pwll Cynan (now Pant y Sais area))....just wait until I`m in`ll be back in Carms!

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  3. You'll have to do battle with Stewart the Terrible