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Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Beachboys

Put two actinics down at Pembrey Burrows last night, one immediately behind the seaward dunes (see photo below) and the other in a parallel slack inland. It looked good for trapping at c 9.30pm as I was leaving the traps - overcast, fine drizzle and the wind having dropped. As heavy rain was forecast for early (6.00am) this morning, I went to collect the traps at 4.45am.
The first (inner) trap had hardly anything in it - only a small handful of common moths - which was disappointing as the same sub-site had been profitable last year. I was not expecting much of the more exposed, seaward trap, especially as the wind had picked up considerably.
However, 7 shore wainscots and 4 sand darts, all in fresh condition, were in the trap with some other (common) moths. Three of the former and two of the latter are shown in the second photo below. Both species are likely to occur at all of our dune systems (I`ve had shore wainscot from a small area of dunes just E of Burry Port and sand dart occurs at the North Dock dunes LNR, Llanelli for example). It`s a pity that the major dune system at MoD Pendine has not been systematically surveyed; its dunes and fens must hold species of note.

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