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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Some moths at Tyrwaun, Pwll

As just noted in my previous post, had two traps at home last night (5.7.13), catching about 40 spp in total, including the ones in the photos below. Additionally, there was a faded dog`s tooth and also the species discussed in my following post `Brassy and other problems`. Photos below: beautiful golden y, green arches, the two species of elephant hawk-moth showing size difference and patterning and an eyed hawk-moth.


  1. You seem to have had a good selection last night, Ian, well worth the sleep deprivation! I particularly like the Eyed Hawk, haven't had one here yet, can't understand why because there's plenty of willow and sallow around. I shall look more closely at my Burnished Brasses in future, thanks for the info on them.

  2. Chris - please read George`s update/comments re the `brassies`.
    Re eyed`s `thin on the ground` with me...poplar and elephant being the common ones; small elephant occasional with lime rare and convolvulous rarer still.
    Had planned to trap out again tonight, but having spent most of the day like a zombie, will be giving it a miss....perhaps tomorrow night...but work on Monday!
    No migrants yet incidentally.