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Saturday, 13 July 2013


I decided to go for the 4:45am start as others have been and it definitely paid off! Over 550 moths of 84 species (inc. 7 micro species that I could id - the others I'm afraid I had to leave as it took rather a while to log them all...). Highest counts were for clouded border (46), peppered moth (35 including a nice range of colours and sizes),
buff arches and white ermine (26 each). Highlights for me at least - ghost moths, map-winged swift, sallow kitten, true lover's knot, ruby tiger, double dart and figure of eighty. Plus plenty more...

Could someone id this tortrix for me please - my micro book is back in the office. Is it a barred fruit-tree?
Thanks in advance.


  1. Well done Vaughn - what a huge catch! You're right, that's Pandemis cerasana (Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix) with the basal dark patch straight across the wing at 90 degrees to the costa.