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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Quite Busy last night

Had quite a busy night at Troserch last night but took trap in at around 1.00am before the rain descended. In all had over 50 macro species including this four-spotted footman - though I couldn't find one spot let alone four!

Any ideas on the Wainscot below??


  1. I had a male [which does n`t have spots...only the female] four-spotted footman last night too - will post later.
    Your wainscot may be striped -but I`m not the best person to judge photos. I had several southern wainscots last night, with pointy wings and subtly-striped foreheads [from front].
    Worth trapping again tonight....things are moving...loads of silver y`s out today.

  2. My first thought on that Wainscot was Small, and a quick look in the book reinforces that feeling. However, I'm not sure if it was actually small or Mythimna-sized.