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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Morfa-uchaf, Ferryside

Morfa-uchaf (lit.`upper saltmarsh`) is an area of saltmarsh, sandy grassland and some shingle alongside the Tywi, north of Ferryside. I had two traps out there last night (12.7.13), one at a saltmarsh transition zone and the other behind a vegetated shingle ridge, but results were disappointing. No hoped-for rosy wave or `long shot` crescent striped but, rather, an array of typical Carms coastal moths. There were plenty of lackeys in both traps (15+7), eyed hawk-moth, coronet, Brussels lace (wandering from nearby woodland), garden tigers (3+2) and 7 round-winged muslins in the saltmarsh edge trap.
The following photos show dusk (<5.00am) at the shingle (click on pic to enlarge, and spot the blue light of the trap!) and saltmarsh localities; they give a flavour of the habitats present. There`s certainly potential in this area! The other two photos are of garden tiger and round-winged muslin.

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