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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Maesquarre again

Trapped here (between Ffairfach and Bethlehem) for the second time.  Caught 52 species, exactly twice the number in the trap (and on the house walls) 18 days ago. Another Blomer's rivulet, a lackey, pinion-streaked snout (the macro that thinks it's a micro), clouded magpie, shaded broad-bar and a new species for me, four-dotted footman. Top 3 were those double lines again (8), riband wave (8) and barred straw (7).


  1. Nice one Mat, well done - with a great selection. Blomer`s rivulet and clouded magpie are very local elm [ie caterpillar] feeders.

  2. Another Double Line here last night, Mat, but only a single as usual, amongst multitudes of other types - mostly the usual suspects.