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Monday, 22 July 2013

Maenol, Saturday & Sunday Nights

Both nights were quite productive, three new species encountered - Northern Spinach, Waved Carpet, and the large Tortricid Lozotaenia forsterana.  Also notable were Lilac Beauty and Cloaked Carpet, the second appearance of each this year, the first V-Pugs, several Rosy Footmen and a Swallow-tailed Moth.  Buff Ermines have faded away and White Ermines reduced to singles per night - the summer is progressing fast!

 Lozotaenia forsterana
 Cloaked Carpet in situ
 Waved Carpet in situ
Waved Carpet in capture
I would be grateful if someone familiar with the Waved Carpet could confirm the identification for me because it's the first I've seen.


  1. Barry Stewart posted a photo of a Waved Carpet he caught a week ago, on the Glamorgan site, this one's a dead ringer for it so I'm very happy with the ident.

  2. Yes Chris that's a Waved Carpet, which is good record, although the Cloaked Carpet would be what I'd prefer to see in my trap - very nice.

  3. Thanks Barry. Yes, it's a delight to have these Cloaked Carpets (and their Sharp-angled cousins) around here, makes up for the lack of all the nice coastal species you get further south!