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Friday, 12 July 2013

Little Beetle Mania (and other tales)

Can anyone tell me the identity of the hundreds of small blackish beetles (2-3mm long) that seem to get everywhere at this time of year - mainly outside the house, fortunately.  I have to remove them from the patio table every morning before breakfast!

I didn't trap last night owing to a dental appointment this morning, but had a modest catch on Wednesday night including Knot Grass, first of the year, and Miller, another new record for me.  Another assembly of Double Darts, one of which may have produced the clutch of eggs nearby.  I will attempt to hatch them out and see what happens.

Sorry, poor photo, the yellow patch on the lower left side is the eggs - honest!


  1. Could be `flower beetles`...can`t remember the scientific name of the`ll come to me!
    You have `Carms double dart HQ`.From memory, I`ve only had that species a few times....on the grazing levels at Llwynhendy SE of Llanelli, when I lived there, at Pontnewydd in the Gwendraeth Valley [fen/wet pastures etc] and perhaps a couple of other sites. So, good records, Chris!
    Lots of good stuff on limestone cliffs on Gower at prfesent...see Glam moth blog. I`m trapping nr Ferryside tonight [saltmarsh/dunes].

  2. The main beetle that comes to my MV is a Scarabaid called something ater - Aphodius ater from memory.

  3. Had lots of the aforesaid small `flower beetles`* in my traps at Ferryside last night, plus water boatmen [corixids]. I get occasional scarabs, plus various sexton beetles and, in season, lots of the once-scarce orange ladybirds.
    Disappointing at Ferryside last night [will later post update, some bits of interest]. Currently in zombie-mode again after a sleepless night followed by a 3.45am start! Moth mania is n`t good for you, but no known cure! Lazy afternoon, I`m afraid, looking out for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight [Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane], scheduled to fly over late pm.

    * will look these up in due course, in case my memory has failed me.

  4. Thank you for these suggestions. 'Flower Beetles' sounds right, they do seem attracted to white and yellow flowers, at least (as well as my glass patio table top) but they don't seem to visit the moth traps in significant numbers. I tried Googling 'flower beetle' but got nothing helpful by way of a suggested species.