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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Last Night's Catch

Emptied trap (and surrounding drive, grass areas) from 4.20am. 77 different macro species last night plus several micros I did not ID and some flew off before I could ID or get into containers.  Not really sure if any species are of particular note (most down as common) but included four Four-dotted Footman, two Brussels Lace and four Sharp Angled Peacock, three Coronet, an Alder and 5 Elephant Hawk Moths. Help with IDs for these two needed. The Carpet is tiny at 10mm and doesn't quite fit with any picture in my ID book - closest seems to be Silver-ground Carpet? Assume the other is a micro but, again, doesn't quite fit with pictures in book. Thanks.


  1. Well done Sally. The early starts definitely reap rewards! I think that is a Silver-ground Carpet, though a small one. The other one is Elophila nympheata (Brown China-mark).

  2. Well done Sally....that`s a good haul of species.....`the early bird gets the moths`!