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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Last night at Maenol...

...was busy.  As well as putting the MV trap on the rear patio, as usual, I sited the small actinic trap in a far corner of the recently harvested hayfield, and was rewarded with four new records for here:  Grass Emerald, Scallop Shell, Striped Wainscot and Green Silver-lines.  In addition, there were others that I haven't seen for some time, notably Privet Hawkmoth (first since 2010), Sandy Carpet, Cinnabar, Gold Spangle and Cloaked Carpet.  The Grass Emerald escaped in the Utility Room (where I offload the contents of the traps), but I managed to get a photo which, I believe, shows enough features to identify it.  I'm hoping that the moth will reappear later so that I can photograph it properly. 

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