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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Last night, another bumper catch

73 species last night, including some firsts for me - Gold Spot (4), Double Line (see photo), Dark Spectacle and Green Silver-lines. I seem to be doing much better this year (second year of trapping) than last year.  I did have to change the bulb - same type but different make and seems brighter, so could this be the reason - or is it a better year for moths - or is it because I now get up as it gets light (4.20am this morning - still lost quite a few which flew off before I had chance to check them or put them in a container)?

I don't usually do micros as I still spend a lot of time on identifying the macros but the one pictured below got into the jar with a couple of macros. Closest I can get seems to be Red-barred Tortrix but the bottom edge looks different?


  1. Hi Sally, I think this is a much better year than last, hence your bigger numbers.

    I pondered the micro for a while but think it is indeed Archips podana. Almost all the markings are right as is the wing shape.

    1. Sorry for confusion over English names: I think it's Archips podana (Large Fruit-tree Tortrix) because of wing shape rather than Red-barred Tortrix (Ditula angustiorana).