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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Grey or Dark Dagger

My first dagger and I see from the ID these two species are virtually impossible to tell apart unless dissected which I don't want to do as I suspect we don't have many as first time I have caught one. How do I therefore record?


  1. I'm not entirely sure. Jon's spreadsheet doesn't include an aggregate. They can be provisionally named by looking at how coarsely scaled they appear, although I find that pretty unconvincing. It's probably best just to record it as Grey/Dark Dagger.

  2. If you can find the caterpillars these are very different.

  3. That's strange, Sam, because the Excel spreadsheet that I received from Jon has provision for '2283-5 Dagger sp.' and I always record mine in this category. I don't know why 2285 Marsh Dagger is included, though, because if one ever cropped up I imagine that it would be unmistakeable.