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Sunday, 21 July 2013

East of Burry Port - Dyfatty Marsh, 19.7.13

A convenient site for me to trap (as with other Burry Port sites) is an area of reedbed and fen-carr just east of Burry Port alongside the B4311 southern bypass. The trap was positioned on a steep slope (see first photo below) alongside the main road, overlooking the marsh but, again, not visible to vehicle or pedestrian traffic. The marsh at Dyfatty (`dyfaid-ty`, `sheep-house`, for the sheep that once grazed the coastal dunes and marshes hereabouts) is good for wainscots, including  silky wainscots (2nd photo); the small actinic trap also had southern wainscots and round-winged muslins amongst -again- an abundance of moths. Scarce footmen were present and two photos are offered of this slim-bodied footman. Finally, several sand darts were caught -a bit strange perhaps for a fen site, but the locality is right next to a huge sand storage area to where sand is pumped off a dredger that sources this commodity from out in Carmarthen Bay; equally the sand darts could have flown from the close-by coast. The individual shown has particularly attractive markings (last photo below).

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  1. That is a smart Sand Dart - would be interesting to look for larvae amongst the plants in the sand storage area in month or so to see if they're breeding there.