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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dark Sword-grass?

I have really enjoyed reading blog and daytime excursion details too - what fantastic habitat! I had 71 species the night before last with Turnip Moth being new to me.  First Six-striped RusticsLychnis, Sharp-angled Carpet, Least Yellow Underwings, Large Yellow Underwings, Lesser Board-bordered Yellow Underwing and also of note Beautiful Carpet (again).

Today in a pile of old bricks I found the moth pictured. Is it a Dark Sword-grass?

Same size as a Yellow Underwing but whitish underwing.


  1. Looks a bit smoother than usual, presumably a photographic effect, otherwise looks perfectly good for DSG to me.

  2. Sorry about photo quality!

  3. What on earth was your Dark Sword-grass doing in a pile of bricks?! Turnip is a nice one to catch as well.

  4. Don't know! They had been stacked for a few months and we had just started to lay them. The brick was actually being laid when we noticed the moth in one of the holes!