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Friday, 5 July 2013

Curse of the Cabbages

Put out the trap at home last night, hoping for a good migrant (evidence of a start of migration in Cornwall), but no luck....just the usual gang. Amongst the catch was a cabbage moth (the reason I`ve stopped growing summer cabbages!) and, whilst taking the accompanying photo, I realised how well camouflaged it was.


  1. Nice to get a Cabbage Moth, Ian, especially if it's come from someone else's cabbages! Incidentally, Harrod Horticultural supply a very fine nylon mesh which is supposed to protect crops from even the smallest pests such as aphids and root-fly. It's not cheap, but it's very robust and should last well. I have it on good authority (mother-in-law) that it works well, and I'm about to buy some myself.

  2. I got Cabbage last night - my first of this species which is perhaps surprising as we grow a lot of brassicas.