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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Had 5 coronets in the trap at Tyrwaun, Pwll, Llanelli on Monday night (1.7.13) and I got into an `i/d confusion cycle` about them, but Mat Ridley and Sam Bosanquet both suggested coronet. Mat is familiar with the species at his regular Carmel trap site. I`ve been confused with this species before ( I recall sending Jon a photo last year), perhaps as our Carms specimens sometimes have different background colouration to those in some guides.
It`s an ash/privet feeder in the larval stage (could be either plant with me, as there`s plenty of both) and presumably ash at Carmel, as that is the dominant in the limestone woods thereabouts.
I may trap tonight (`away from home` job, out somewhere different), as the forecast of a `high` coming from the Azores sounds promising. It`ll be raining according to the forecast when I go out to collect the two traps early tomorrow morning, but if there`s good moths, I won`t mind. Will post if anything good.

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