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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Burry Port - on the coast

Put out two actinics on Friday night (19.7.13), both east of Burry Port. The first was very near to a footpath in the Millennium Coastal Park, overlooking the sea (but not visible from the path itself). The site is shown, at dawn (with Gower receiving the summer northern sun), in the first photo below. Around the trap, many drinkers were resting on the grass (2nd photo), but only one in the trap itself, but the trap was full of moths and the tally exceeded 50 species - a view of some of the egg cartons show how populated it was (photo 3). One yellowtail had a brownish tip to its abdomen, but the wing shape suggests just a yellowtail rather than a browntail to me (photo 4)...if anyone disagrees, I`ll be happy to be corrected as the browntail is rare in Carmarthenshire. A rare Carms moth was caught though - a dingy shears (photo 5 below), with records mostly confined the SE of the county; a few l-abum wainscots (photo 6) were in the trap with many `smokies` and a few southern wainscots. Other vaguely interesting moths include plenty of scarce footmen and a double line.

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