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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Another good night

Last night the small actinic trap was in a far corner of the garden, where it snared a Gothic just over a week ago, and it caught another one.  Other notable catches were Lilac Beauty, a first for me, Small Emerald and|Small Dotted Buff.  Most numerous were Dark Arches (29), Double Dart (12),  Double Square-spot  and Burnished Brass (11 each), Riband Wave, Large Yellow Underwing and Uncertain also in significant numbers. 

Small Dotted Buff  
Lilac Beauty
Common Emerald


  1. Excellent to get Lilac Beauty - very pretty and seldom encountered. I've only seen 15 or so in 20+ years of mothing!

  2.`s a scarce, thin-on-the-ground Carms species. I think (without checking my paper records....a lesson there!) that I`ve only had it twice here at Tyrwaun, Pwll. Glad that all of us are seeing better numbers and more variety this summer, after the awful spring and wet 2012!

  3. Thank you both, it's certainly a fine moth. A friend in the village found one in his greenhouse a couple of years ago and emailed me a photo, but I didn't see the moth myself so couldn't record it. Since then I've been waiting for one to arrive here - and it has!