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Monday, 8 July 2013

A Micro Matter

I had two of these Crambidae in the trap this morning, they are dead ringers for the illustration of Eudonia delunella in the Field Guide.  Looking back at last year's records I had what appears to be the same species on 9 July, photo of this one included.  I believe (but can't be certain) that Jon agreed the identification at the time.  In Jon's absence, can any kind person please confirm whether or not I'm correct?

Possible Eudonia delunella 8 July 2013
Recorded as Eudonia delunella 9 July 2012


  1. Sorry Chris...back from work/watered garden/done mad rush [and out trapping shortly!]. I`ll be happy to look properly at your micro later in the week [if no one else has by then], but have a look at Jon`s excellent article on this group of pyralids in the Carms Moth & Butterfly Gp Newsl for Aug 2007 [No 9].

  2. The first one is surely E delunella; the second may well be but isn't really strongly enough patterned to be certain. The dates are a bit odd, as 9th July is tomorrow!

    1. Thanks for that, Ian & Sam. Sam, the second image was from last year, 9 July, I think that I referred it to Jon for confirmation but I'm not sure. It's the first one that matters now because I caught that last night.