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Friday, 28 June 2013

Tywi Valley

Trapped last night (Thursday) at Maesquarre, between Ffairfach and Bethlehem  - thanks to Geoff and Mary Williams.  A reasonable catch of 26 species given the rain and drizzle in the early part of the night. Best of the bunch was a Blomer's rivulet.  Buff and white ermine were most numerous. Others worth a note: 4 pale tussock, 3 lobster, 2 small angle shades and singles of spectacle, garden tiger, sandy carpet and marbled white spot  - and a photo of one I can't id. Length 15mm.  Can any one help?


  1. I had one of these last August, Mat. I think that it's a Ringed China Mark (Parapoynx stratiotata)

  2. Yes, looks like Ringed Chinamark to me as well

  3. Good that you are trapping `away from home` Mat! Believe me it will make moth trapping much more interesting, as you sample new habitats and get new species. I get ringed China-mark regularly here at Pwll, as I`m adjacent to wetland habitat.
    I trapped in a site very close to your Tywi Valley site - Coed Penrhiwiau [the one with the chapel in] over 20 years ago, and I remember the trap being festooned with clouded magpies [ a wych elm feeder], a species that I also had at a site familiar to that little stream near the arboretum at Gelli Aur.