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Saturday, 29 June 2013

This week's efforts

It was raining last night, but I put the large actinic near the back door where it's partly sheltered.  This morning at 4.30am we were woken up by noises at the back and I was just in time to see off a Magpie which was trying to reach two Lobster Moths and a Pale Tussock which were resting on the wall.  The night yielded 30-odd species including Double Dart and Sharp-angled Carpet, and what I believe to be Dusky Brocade and Mottled Beauty - perhaps someone would kindly confirm these from the photos.  Wednesday night was also good with 39 species, which is very good for this location.

On a general note, we have a wild meadow here which has a profusion of flowers just now, and I have been monitoring it all week in the hope of seeing a butterfly, without success.  However, this afternoon I saw two - a Small White and a Meadow Brown, and numerous Silver Ys.  Things are looking up!


  1. definitely a Mottled Beauty

  2. Looks like a dusky brocade too....had some last night at Ferryside.

  3. I was wondering about Dark Brocade, but I think you're right it's a Dusky. Lovely Double Dart!!