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Sunday, 30 June 2013


This is the first time I've trapped in Carmarthenshire for a while (I live here but work for the Wildlife Trust based in Bridgend and trap weekly there). 
I set my home-made MV trap in Salem last night and had a pretty good haul - 118 moths of 43 species (plus a few micros which I can't manage yet!). Lots of flashy species - burnished brass, gold spot, peach blossom, elephant and poplar hawks, green arches, double line (x6), peppered (x15), buff-tip (x9), lobster (x4), clouded brindle, ingrailed clay, purple clay, mottled beauty and plenty of others including a micro I could id - Udea olivalis.
I wasn't sure of this one though - is it a shears??


  1. The W-zigzag on the terminal line suggests Dusky Brocade to me

  2. welcome to the blog Vaughn! Not a bad catch in what has been a poor year, although maybe things are improving a little now (have you noticed that at Parc Slip?).

  3. Thanks for the id Sam - much appreciated.
    Thanks Mat, I was quite pleased - just wish the weather had been better in the morning so I could have taken some photos! I have noticed things finally picking up at Parc Slip - May was terrible - no more than 18 moths in a night!