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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Penclawydd WWT

A trap run overnight at WWT (thanks to Nigel Williams) produced my best catch of the year with a total of 79 species, highlights being; Mompha locupletella 3, Ancylis badiana 1, Epiblema scutulana 3, Ringed China-mark 4, Figure of Eighty 7, Oblique Carpet 1, Broken-barred Carpet 1, Seraphim 2, Small Seraphim 2, Yellow-barred Brindle 2, Eyed Hawk-moth 3, Sallow Kitten 3, Lesser Swallow Prominent 1, Swallow Prominent 3, Dark Sword-grass 1, Dog's Tooth 30 (including 1 f. dissimilis), Lychnis 2, Poplar Grey 2, Alder Moth 2, Coronet 1, Vine's Rustic 3 & Gold Spot 3. Non-leps included the diving beetle Ilybius ater 1 and several species caddis the best being the aptly named Phryganea grandis 2 & Mystacides longicornis ~30.
Caloptilia syringella
Mompha locupletella
Dog's Tooth f. dissimilis
Phryganea grandis


  1. Well done!
    You should trap in Carmarthenshire more often Barry, to recreate your early 1990s sucesses! (especially now that Glamorgan has an imminent moth book on the way).
    I can point you, or any other wandering Glamorgan moth`er, to some good sites....

  2. Thanks, Barry. Looking forward to seeing what we get tomorrow too at the BioBlitz. Dominic