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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Early May Moths

Brindled Beauties and Hebrew Characters abound, Shoulder Stripes on the decline.  Water Carpet, Small Phoenix, Red Chestnut, Lunar Marbled Brown, Chinese Character and Purple Thorn have made an appearance.  Also a Scalloped Hazel emerged from a pupa which I found amongst wood chippings a few weeks ago.  No micros until this morning when I found what I think is Agonopterix arenella in the trap (see photo).  If I'm wrong perhaps someone will please put me right!


  1. It may be Agonopteryx ocellata Chris...but best to get Sam/Jon to det.

    1. Thanks Ian. You may well be right but there's no sign of red and/or white markings mid-wing. I'll wait and see if Sam, Jon or anyone else can offer a definite ident.

  2. It's rather contrasty and I also wondered about A ocellana, but think it is just arenella