Friday, 17 November 2017

Pix x1

That's only because it was a FFY Winter Moth, one amongst a modest total of 22 moths that visited my two actinic traps on Tuesday night.

Most numerous were Feathered Thorns (10), followed by a couple of Epirritas, Chestnuts, Mottled Beauties and Yellow-line Quakers, singles of Red-line Quaker and Spruce Carpet.  Sadly no December Moths here yet.  No trapping done since Tuesday, it's been either too wet or too cold, or both.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Wot, no pix?

Cwmllwyd,  15 November 2017. The MV trap in the alder grove attracted 26 moths of 7 species during what may be the final "warm" opportunity for trapping of 2017. All the species have been seen by everyone this year, so photographs are superfluous. Most populous were December Moth x 12, followed by Feathered Thorn x 5. Others were Red-line and Yellow-line Quakers, November Moth and Chestnut. Moth of the night, though, was a surprisingly fresh looking Silver Y. I don't recall ever seeing one as late in the year as this before.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Mystery Moth

Help needed with identifying this little chap, caught two nights ago. I'm really stumped. Everything similar seems to appear at least 6 months away!! Thanks in advance.  Jane H

Friday, 3 November 2017

Leaf mines

Probably not a moth - Chromatomyia "atricornis" on sow-thistle, perhaps? Sorry to trouble you, but I was rather impressed with the mines!

Thursday, 2 November 2017


That was my moth count on opening the actinic trap this morning, Steve's nine was a veritable bounty - some nice moths too, Steve.  It was a different story yesterday morning, the MV trap yielded 25 moths of 10 species.  They included three dark green Carpet Moths, and since it's not a busy time I will compare and contrast them with the one I caught on the night of 17/18 October.  One of yesterday's moths was on a wall, and it made good it's escape before I could capture it for a more detailed look:

The other two were captured and I was able to obtain upper and underside views:

I'm happy to call all three Red-green Carpet Moths, and incidentally they are very similar in appearance to the ones I have photographs of from previous years and identified as such.  However, the one from 18/19 October seems to me to be significantly different in shape and pattern, much greyer, and the underside is paler:

I need to catch another like it!


Nine was the total count of moths caught in the MV trap in the alder grove at Cwmllwyd last night! Even so, two of them (also seen here during spring this year) are illustrated below:

 Red Sword-grass

Pale Pinion

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Quick post...

It seems that the recent pulse of migrant activity is coming to an end and cold northerly winds are on the way for the weekend. I trapped on two consecutive nights (30/10 & 31/10), with rather low numbers of moths and with little noteworthy migrant activity. A silver y on one night, rush veneers (singles) on both nights and 6 rusty-dot pearls on the second date.
I also had an unseasonal Carcina quercana.