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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Northern Winter Moth?

1900 Tuesday 24/11/2020

 I don't recall seeing one of these before, so would welcome any comments. The moth was on the outside of our kitchen window at Ffairfach.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

A late effort at Llanelli...

 I have n`t been particularly active with the garden moth trap recently, but a couple of nights this week both yielded about a dozen species each in the mains actinic trap. Eight silver y`s on one night and a single dark sword-grass on another were the only migrants. Some moth pics below...

                                                  Above: satellite and cypress carpet.
                                                          Above: red-green carpet.
                                             Above: grey shoulder-knot and December moth.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Brown Hairstreak in Tywi valley

 Colin & Julian's post egg finds are very apposite at the moment. During the last decade Brown Hairstreak has reduced from over 100 sites in Tywi valley downstream of Broad Oak to ZERO. This is undoubtedly in large part due to modern farming practices of contractors flailing hedges annually. 80% of eggs are destroyed each year, which means within 5 years local extinction occurs. Only two sites are known upstream of Broad Oak - this one where Julian found eggs and Taliaris. This winter we hoped to visit more lowland fields in this area, but awaiting COVID restrictions being eased. However, if you are out walking in the area and below 100m altitude, you might be lucky and spot eggs on unflailed blackthorn. 


Thursday, 22 October 2020

Brown Hairstreak.

Hawkeye Friese has just spotted these Brown Hairstreak eggs on Blackthorn twigs near Cilsan Bridge. They are so tiny I would never have seen them in a month of Sundays!

Better catches

 The last few nights have seen slightly more interesting catches at last. Good numbers of Black Rustic, Spruce Carpet, Dark Chestnut and Yellow Line Quaker, plus the odd Merveille du Jour, Green Brindled Crescent and Red Sword-grass. November Moths have just started to arrive, but I find it hard to differentiate between them all, all tips greatfully received! This mornings trap was even more interesting, amongst the usual suspects were a single Rusty Dot Pearl, (which escaped as I was about to photograph it), a pristine Feathered Thorn and a magnificent Large Wainscot - I think only the second one that I have seen here in Rhandirmwyn. 

                                               Large Wainscot

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Another cat needs a name.

 My bro-in-law sent me this photo and I am unable to ID it - please help, if you can. Many thanks.

Caterpillar Query

This one was climbing up the wall of my garage on Sunday afternoon.  It looks as though it might be a butterfly larva rather than a moth one, but I could be wrong, I don't recognise it.  About 3cm long, background colour greenish grey. I would be grateful if anyone can put a name to it.

I did put a trap out on Sunday night but the result was disappointing, only eleven moths turned up, nothing worthy of note in spite of the wind having switched to a southerly direction.