Sunday, 23 April 2017

Early Large Yellow-underwing

Another very early species - this morning disturbed a Large Yellow-underwing in the poly-tunnel. I assume the warmer environment in the tunnel is the reason for this one.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Moth ID for Carmarthenshire North

Robinson Trap at my garden Saturday 22 Apr 2017 - Carmarthenshire North

Could I ask for an id on this particular moth please. I was thinking Double-barred Twin-spot??

Sorry, but photos not very clear as I didn't want to take lid off in case it escaped. Is this moth a Double-barred Twin-spot? Initially, when I glanced at it on the wall a 'Red Twin-spot' came to mind, but further inspection against the Field Guide, made me think it looked more like the Double-barred Twin-spot??  It has the single white 'spike' on either side of the white upper collar, and the wing tips look the same for the DBTS?


Thank you for your help with this.

Cwmllwyd 21st April 2017

Nine FFYs were among the 107 moths of 23 species trapped in the alder grove at Cwmllwyd last night. Many of them have already been reported by others on the blog, but a few may be worth illustrating (with a varying degree of photographic quality!):

 Swallow Prominent and Lesser Swallow Prominent (also captured were Pebble and Iron Prominents)

 Waved Umber


 Frosted Green (without a trace of the nominate colour showing)!

 I think that this is Ash Pug and would be grateful for comments

This Parsnip Moth Depressaria radiella flew out of the old dairy building earlier in the day (Friday).

Addendum: Saturday p.m. FFY  several Micropterix calthella found on Caltha palustris.

Friday, 21 April 2017

A `Dud Night`...

After three nights` trapping I was n`t going to bother last night (Fri 21/4) mainly due to tiredness but, seeing the grey skies and lack of wind, relented and put out the garden traps. I need n`t have bothered though, as the haul awaiting me this morning was very undistinguished, both in numbers and variety - it was just one of those nights!
A puss moth was a FFY for me.

Last Night at Maenol - Slightly Noisier!

A little more moth activity than Wednesday Night, a large actinic trap attracted 45 moths of 13 Species.  Most numerous: Hebrew Character13, Clouded Drab 7, Brindled Beauty 7, Brindled Pug 3. Worthy of mention: 2 late Dotted Borders, Early Tooth-striped and Streamer (1 of each).  FFYs Lunar Marbled Brown, Yellow-barred Brindle, and Semioscopis steinkellneriana (can someone please think of a shorter, preferably English, name for this one?)

That's it for me until early May, when hopefully the Hebrew Characters will be reduced in number and a few more species will have appeared.  In the meantime, good luck all you fellow trappers!

The silly season starts...

The silly season starts again, getting out of bed before dawn to inspect and collect traps left out `away from home` overnight - I`ve actually already done a little of this type of trapping previously this year, but dawn came later on those occasions!
Last night`s venue was some local woodland, with much oak - a tree that is absent from the immediate environs of my home trap site (where English elm, sycamore and poplars are more frequent, with dense stands of birch seawards). Although I do get `oak moths` at my garden traps they are local short distance wanderers rather than immediate neighbours.
Out I went with my three actinics (one of which malfunctioned...another job to sort out!), so two were placed in the woodland. Only about 15 species were present this morning, though a couple of square- spots were nice.
There was a greater variety of moths (25+ spp.) in my two garden traps, including a late dotted border, pine beauty, frosted green, mullein (again) white-pinion spotted and an overwintered red-green carpet (masquerading as an autumn green carpet). Some FFY lesser swallow prominents probably came from the afore-mentioned birch woodland.

                                                               Above: square-spot.
 Above: I`ve got some provisional possibilities, but I`ll have to look at this pug when my brain - like my moth trap batteries - is fully recharged. In the meantime, feel free to suggest. Note the lack of a discal spot.
                                                              Above: red-green carpet.
                             Above: does n`t he know that it`s spring? A late dotted border.

The weather looks ok for trapping tonight - have a go before the forecasted colder spell arrives.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

That little Elachista...

I`ve now had a chance to check the tiny Elachista (4mm) that I spotted on the ground by my boot yesterday (19/4). I make it to be E.albifrontella - with a white head (which I did n`t notice yesterday), no extra spot at the termen (as in apipunctella) and more faintly white-banded above (not visible in this photo) than would be E.luticomella.

                                                      Above: click on pic to enlarge.