Thursday, 25 August 2016

Cwmllwyd 24 August 2016

The MV trap in the garden attracted 163 moths of 42 species last night. Like Chris H, I found a superabundance of Large Yellow Underwings - 41 of them, which I reckon is about 40 too many! Notwithstanding this, however, there were some quite interesting moths present, including a shocking pink example of a species only seen here once before;

 Neglected Rustic.

 It was good to see this Orchard Ermine, too,

 as well as another Ear Moth sp.

 Hedge Rustic (x2); not all that common here.

There were singles of Oblique, Devon and Blue-bordered Carpets, Sharp-angled Peacock and Bordered Beauty, while Rosy Rustic (x2) was another FFY.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Barred rivulet at Burry Port

Adam Dare had this rather smart barred rivulet in his Burry Port garden trap last Wednesday (17/8).

Quick update...

Like Chris, I too trapped last night and similarly, whilst the numbers and variety (c 55 spp.) were good, there was nothing hugely exciting in the catch. Of moderate interest, a scruffy old lady turned up (I`ll avoid any puns!) but it was not up to a photograph or two, scuttling quickly off into vegetation after I`d taken a very poor photo.
I paid a short visit to a local allotment yesterday afternoon in the hope of finding a leek moth Acrolepiopsis assectella, or signs of its feeding, but I failed. Chris Manley has had it not far away in Glamorgan and I`d hoped that it had reached Llanelli. I`ll have to wait.
In the tiring heat, I made a short walk along the banks of the urban Afon Lliedi noting some leaf mines en route, thinking that I`d better do some practical `swotting-up` before the leaf mine course at Cilgerran next month.
Several leaf mines were found including what I think is Phyllonorycter quercifoliella on oak, it being thought to be this species rather than the similar mine of P. roboris as the former has a single crease (visible in the photo below) in the lower epidermis of the oak leaf.

Busy Night at Maenol

Plenty of moths around last night, as might be expected in the mild, overcast conditions, but nevertheless disappointing insofar as there's nothing much worth reporting.  This morning was all about counting the Large Yellow Underwings and Flame Shoulders, 61 of the former and 37 of the latter.  The problem with getting so many YUs at this time of year is that they blunder around in the traps and cause havoc amongst the other occupants, several of which were quite unrecognisable. FFYs were Feathered Gothic and Centre-barred Sallow.  A surprise find was a White Ermine, possibly a second generation?

An interesting footnote is an item passed on to me by a Cousin who is a butterfly enthusiast, it involves a report from the Cheshire & Peak BC of a gynandromorphic Common Blue which was photographed at Winsford, Cheshire by Barry Mills:

I suppose that there's less scope for gynandromorphism in the moth population.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rather a dull catch...

Rather a dull catch at Pwll last night (22/8), though with all the usual late August attendees such as four-spotted footman, black arches and others. Enlivened only by a single Archer`s dart to complement the one caught at nearby Burry Port by Adam Dare last week.

                                                               Above: Archer`s dart.
Above: this holly blue was fluttering around in this morning`s humid sunshine. Red admirals and painted ladies have also been frequenting the garden over the last week or so.
And, as soon as I had put the camera down, a comma turned up!:

Monday, 22 August 2016

Moths at Saron, Llandysul

I continue to trap quite a good selection here. Last week I was pleased to get the Blue-bordered Carpet which I have not had before .

Friday, 19 August 2016

Last night (18/8) at Pwll.

With the southerly winds last night I`d hoped for some migrants. Some species of interest have been turning up in Cornwall and elsewhere in SW England in recent days (as opposed to SE England, which has had the lion`s share of good migrant records this year). In the event, my only migratory moths were eight silver y`s (not bad in a year when this species has been locally scarce) and a solitary rush veneer. I actually `waited out` with my (flat) roof top MV last night, until midnight, when it started to `pick` with rain but the heavy overnight rain did not materialize until c 9.00am this morning, making me wish that I`d left it out overnight. A problem with my flat roof is that heavy rain causes `puddling` on the relatively smooth surface, drowning or otherwise `spoiling` the moths. Recently, I`ve been putting out a piece of old carpet (c 6ft x 6ft or so) under the trap and this considerably reduces this puddling problem. Either use some old carpet of your own or get some from the local recycling centre or just buy an `off-cut`.
Last night`s moths were the usual assemblage but with a nicely-coloured yellow-barred brindle, a brindled plume Amblyptilia acanthadactyla and a new adult moth for me - the tiny but easily-identified Coptotriche (Emmetia) marginea, better-known by its common blotchy leaf-mines in bramble leaves (no photo of the moth - it`s too small for my camera!).

                                                        Above: yellow-barred brindle.
                                    Above: brindled plume - this one would n`t pose neatly!
Above: Blastobasis adustella is a common micro around Llanelli. Note the `v` mark on the back of this darker individual. I also get - less frequently - B. laticolella. Click on pic to enlarge.