Thursday, 18 October 2018

Wales Tree of the Year

Not strictly moths so please delete if unsuitable.
Our Rhandirmwyn tree, the Pwllpriddog Oak has won the Woodland Trust, Wales Tree of the Year competition. It is now going for National tree of the year. It is probably 500+ years old, so will have seen more than a few moths in its branches in that time! It must be ecologically important, with all the lichens and invertebrates that still call it home!
If you have time could you please vote for it????
Many thanks.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Hypsopygia glaucinalis

Had this in the trap last night, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, I think I've got the id correct.
Of interest?

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Micros in Burry Port

Tachystola acroxantha seems quite firmly established near my garden, so when I found three in the trap I decided to go for an ambitious triple moth shot. Of course they legged it, though I relocated two in the conservatory.

 I also found two Blastobasis lacticolella/decolorella - a bit different from my usual adustella visitors.
And finally a micro I couldn't identify - is it a Crambid? Or Diurnea? I don't know.

Monday Night at Maenol

MV and Actinic traps were used last night and the returns were modest considering the favourable conditions.  59 moths of 22 species turned up, the highlights being second generation Brussels lace, Satellite, FFY Mottled Umber, and a Tortrix which I believe to be Acleris sparsana:

                      Satellite                                     Brussels Lace

                Mottled Umber                               Acleris sparsana

The other species recorded were, in frequency order:  Green-brindled Crescent 10; November Moth agg. 9; Yellow-line Quaker 7; Spruce Carpet 5; Red-line Quaker 4; Feathered Thorn 3; 2 each of Red-green Carpet, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Merveille du Jour, Brown-spot Pinion, Silver Y; singles of Common Marbled Carpet, Black Rustic, Brindled Green, Chestnut, Angle Shades and Pale Mottled Willow.  One Agonopterix sp. (probably A.heracliana, to be confirmed) appeared later (escapee).

Monday, 15 October 2018

Worth trapping tonight?

After missing out on migrant rarities over the last few nights, I set out the garden traps on Sunday night (14/10). Apart from several; silver ys, no migrants were present but the ever-attractive merveille de jour provided some consolation, along with typical early October species.
Last night was mostly clear and rather cold with NW winds - tonight (Monday) may be better as it is overcast all night, with easterly winds.

                                                      Above: last night`s `Merv`.

POSTSCRIPT: I did trap on Monday night  (15/10) and weather conditions were good. Approaching 25 spp in the trap this morning with migrants represented by 17 silver ys, 1 rusty-dot pearl and a small mottled willow; sadly nothing rarer. Feathered thorn and red-green carpets as FFYs; 7 large wainscots and 2 `Mervs`.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

More moth magic at Graig Farm, Llandovery

Stephen Ruttle has just sent me this photo of Antigastra catalaunalis from last night`s (13/10) trapping session at Graig Farm. Another first class record of this rare migrant from the tropics and southern Europe - and a NCR - from Graig.
Well done Stephen - I`m jealous!

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Heavy Weather.

The forecast said dry(ish), but we were visited by very heavy rain for most of the night at Cwmllwyd on Wednesday (10th October). Even so, there were 64 moths of 16 species in the trap this morning, with 4 of them FFY. These were November Moth (agg.), Feathered Thorn, Chestnut and pick of this small bunch, its close relative - Dark Chestnut: