Saturday, 25 March 2017

Brimstone butterflies

Taking a route home from shopping this morning through Stradey Woods (on the western outskirts of Llanelli), I saw two male brimstone butterflies within a short distance of each other, near the corner with Stepney Road, Pwll.
Peacocks have been out for the last couple of days - `Spring has sprung`!
It will also be worth starting to look out for orange underwings (atop young birches) shortly.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Leaf-mines on Luzula

This morning (23/3), Nigel Stringer and I went to Troserch Woods, north of Llangennech in south-east Carms. (a site familiar to Sam who successfully surveyed some steep rock outcrops for bryophytes well over a decade ago). I was hoping to find Elachista regificella which occurs on Luzula sylvatica (greater wood-rush), a plant of steep, ungrazed acidic oakwoods.
We found some leaf-mines but on reaching home and the UK leaf-mines key they did not have the `puckering` of the Elachista concerned.
Carex pendula at the site also had some large leaf-mines which may have been Cerodontha angulata (dipteran) and another dipteran is found on Luzula sylvatica -  Cerondontha luzulae, which may be the best contender. I`m not sure of the status of the latter in Wales. Any comments or corrections will be welcomed - thanks.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Adela cuprella at Penclacwydd

Olivia Pargeter, who is working at WWT Llanelli, photographed this Adela cuprella on 14th March.  There are only 5 previous confirmed Carmarthenshire records, 3 of which come from Pembrey; Penclacwydd is a new site and it's impressive that this moth has been missed by several very active moth'ers who have recorded there before.  Well done Olivia!

Llansteffan moths

I've trapped a few times but not had many moths to write about, but this turned up on my net curtain in a north facing window, I imagine it has over wintered on my house plants! But I have a vague recollection of picking a furry caterpillar up last autumn and putting it in a box with other caterpillars that didn't over winter well. It may have escaped as a moth and landed on the curtains while trying to make a bid for freedom. Anyway my first Ruby Tiger of the year.

Check your garden Hypericums...

If you have any Hypericum (the `Rose of Sharon` group of shrubs) check it for leaf mines. I found the mine shown below on a pathside amenity planting near the allotments at Bryntirion, Llanelli today. I believe that it may be Ectodemia septembrella.

More micro help

Also have these two to identify, caught in a Rhandirmwyn garden by a friend who brought her trap down whilst on a visit to family. She would be grateful for identification. Many thanks for help. Jane.(and Sally)

Micro help please!

Tried out my new battery trap a few nights ago, just for a few hours before the howling gales set in, and more in hope than expectation.  I had a few , so it works! Including this Plume moth that I am having difficulty with. It seems too early for most plumes. Thanks as always, Jane