Saturday, 26 May 2018

Queuing to get in the traps last night at Maenol

There were plenty of moths around last night, but they weren't exactly throwing themselves at the traps like Les Dawson's mice did when his mother-in-law entered a room (allegedly).  Rather, they were forming disorderly queues outside, and of the 80 or so moths that turned up only just over half entered the two traps I had located at the back and front of the property, as I normally do.  This meant that I spent longer than usual in the early hours rounding them up to photograph and (hopefully) identify them.  The end result was 36 species, which is the best so far this year, all common-or-garden types but they all count!  I'm a bit uncertain over two of the micros though:

 Monopis weaverella

Scoparia subfusca

The Monopis looks good, I'm less confident about S.subfusca, which I've not had before.

Mild and damp in Rhandirmwyn

A lovely Moth night last night , mild, damp and midgy!
I had 24 species to the actinic, including quite a few Firsts for year - Coxcomb Prominent,Currant Pug, Silver-ground Carpet and a Dark/Grey Dagger.
I also had, what I hope to be, a Light Knot-grass, if someone could confirm it??? Or am I wrong?

And like Adam , I have a micro that I can't start to identify,  although there's nothing new in that!
all help gratefully received.
Another good night tonight according to the local forecast.

Ffos Las moths

The day flying moths are appearing now on Ffos las, so for once I am posting without a single butterfly photo!

Burnet companion moth, 20th May.

Cinnabar moth, 20th May

Mother Shipton, 20th May.

In my previous post of 21st May, I included a photo of this lackey web with well grown larvae, some of whom were raised up and swaying.  I noted a similar thing in a post last year (I think although it could be longer ago), and wondered if the swaying could have been to deter predators. However having seen this same web a couple of days later with just these instar cases remaining, I'm now wondering if the swaying was a precursor to a skin change. Any ideas or comments anyone?

This beautiful female broad bodied chaser was posing so beautifully, I had to take its photo.

A mild night in Burry Port

I had twenty odd species with double figures of Common Swift and Treble Lines last night.
I believe I have a Pale-shouldered Brocade here, does anyone concur?
I also believe this to be a Sandy Carpet which is another first for me.
I am puzzled by this wave. It looks a bit like a Cream Wave but there are no black markings on the trailing edges and it does not appear as if they have worn away. I wondered about Common Wave, but the hindwings are slightly pointed and have obvious black dots and the forewings don't seem to me to be the right shape either. Any ideas?
Finally, this Micro has me stumped!
Its the size of a small tortrix.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Some moths at last

I've had meagre pickings the last few weeks, but things have looked up recently and I have a couple of queries.
Is this Spruce or Grey Pine Carpet? All my previous Spruce Carpet have been well marked and coloured and this one seemed to be less definite somehow.
A confirmation that this is a Common Lutestring?? A New moth for me.
And another new moth, Least Black Arches.

The Poplar Hawkmoths are appearing now - 4 today, also Lunar Thorn, a Marbled Brown and the first Broom Moths and Campions.  Happy Days at last!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Twenty-six species in Burry Port last night

I would be grateful if anyone can confirm that this is a Marbled Brown - a first for me.
I was pleased to have two Hawkmoths in the same trap
I was also pleased to have FFY Setaceous Hebrew Character, Small Phoenix, May Highflyer, Peach Blossom and Mottled Rustic as well as a Dagger sp.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Couple from the Garden

A walk around the property this afternoon produced a couple of interesting moths.

(1) Browsing on a clump of Forget-me-not:

It seems to be a Cochylid, could it be Hysterophora maculosana?  It's a bit darker than the one I had last year, but it does have a reddish patch at the apex of the forewing.

(2) Not in the garden as such, but fluttering around in a rush meadow, along with plenty of Bactra lancealana - I thought that it was one of them, it's about the  right size but didn't look right.  I would be most grateful for help with this one: